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Contact Ian:

IML Productions is not an agency and Ian welcome inquiries from agencies and promotions companies regarding his shows.

IML Productions

437a Reading Road
United Kingdom
RG41 5HU

Office telephone: (9am - 17.30pm GMT)
+44 (0)1189 371471

Out of office: (24 hour cover)
+44 (0) 7801 555969

For all Ian's acts and services, please email us at:

IML Productions

In May 2006, with funding from the Fredericks Foundation - IML Productions was established to provide a business platform for the management, promotion and development of Ian's live music acts in the form of:
(Now well connected across the UK and abroad, all line-ups can be complimented by members from a strong pool of professional performers if and when required).

To date, a number of accomplished live artists and bands have been taken under it's wing.

"IML Productions was no slapdash affair, it took me two years of planning, business and management training and gratefully a lot of help and advice from fellow professionals right across the board. Having experienced problems in the past with some promoters, management, venues and artists, I wanted IML Productions to adhere to Musicians union guidelines, provide a service that was both accessible and fair to all concerned and thus offer Quality and Assurance"

Ian M Lindsay - July 2009

Ian's Clients:

Ian has provided entertainment even for the most intimate of engagements:
  • Bars
  • Bistros
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels.
Ian's acts have also performed for the Armed services, Emergency services, Corporate functions and private parties and on TV and Radio broadcasts nationally & internationally.

(He's even had his bands performing at customer's estates & manors!). Ian has also organised the entertainment for an entire wedding day:
  • Organist for the service
  • String quartet/ Pianist/ Background Swing & Lounge performer during brunch
  • Comedian/ Band/ Speciality act/ Disco for the evening.
Private and corporate functions form a major part of our daily business.

Satisfied UK customers include:
  • Hewlett Packard (Milton Keynes)
  • Microsoft (Milton Keynes)
  • Computer Associates (Datchet)
  • Packard Bell (Maidenhead)
  • Royal Horticultural Society (London)
  • "Ken Hill Trust" & Press events at 'Sweeny Todd's' - London.

Additional services:

  • Session singer/ musician
  • Songwriting (Creation & Development)
  • Arranging
  • Production (Pre & Post)
  • Music consultancy
  • Career development
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Contact Ian if you would like to make a booking inquiry or for more information about any of his acts, or any of his services.

You can email Ian at: