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In deep thought - Gran Caneria 08 Songwriting and Production

In 31 years, Ian has written over 500 songs and recorded and produced nine albums. He has won awards and was Northern Songwriter of the Year finalist in 1995. His material has appeared on Radio, TV and Theatre.
He has arranged, engineered and produced in several studio's including: Amazon, Benson Street, Crash (Liverpool) Holland Park (London), Rising Sun (Reading)and his own studio (Winnersh, Berkshire). Boasting some of the latest music and video software, his Studio also houses Ian's collection of 80's Roland and Yamaha Keyboards, sound modules and samplers, sequencers etc and even an old CX5 music computer!

He offers a comprehensive list of services including:
  • Song development - Turning an idea into a completed song.
  • Musical arrangement - Getting the best from a song.
  • Song recording - Engineering and Session musician (Vocalist, Lead/Rhythm/Bass guitar, Keyboards, Banjo, Harmonica, Cajon and Percussion).
    For other instrumental/ vocal backing, he can draw from a pool of other professional musicians at his disposal.
  • Song production/ mastering - Turning a recording into a polished commercial product.
Ian has a vast experience of writing songs and jingles to a clients exact specifications. Alternatively, he has an extensive back catalogue of unrecorded songs, which can be tailored to suit.

Music Consultancy

As a freelance music consultant, Ian has offered invaluable help and advice to events organisers: Event planning and organisation, itinerary, technical advice /installation. From pubs to festivals, corporate and theatre tours.
He has also been able to help artists create, devolop and hone their performances and shows.
Business Management

As well as practical experience, Ian successfully completed industry recognised courses in Business management and in 2006 established his own small business. His knowledge covers all areas from becoming self employed, putting together a business plan, market research, book keeping, Tax and VAT, funding and grants, sales projections, expanding the market, advertising and promotion, to registering & releasing songs etc.

P.R.S and P.P.L member.

Musicians' Union East/ South East Committee member.

Musicians’ Union Equalities Committee Chairman.

Health and Safety Roving Rep – Liaising with theatres and music venues, helping with risk assessments and members issues.
On the beach - Gran Caneria 08
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