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Original Albums

These are the days my friend
Between 1989 and 1996, Ian wrote and appeared on several albums which were never
released nationally. With the help of Dave Laing and the other band members, the first of
these albums by The Herbs "These are the days my friend" (1991) has been remixed
and re-mastered, and is to go on general release in November 2012.

Entropy or evolution
Originally recorded in 2004, Ian's first solo album is currently being remixed for release.
Techno-acoustic Pop. Featured tracks include 'Betrayed' and 'What goes around'.

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder
Ian's second solo album is due for release in January 2013. An exotic blend of acoustic instruments, songs and poetry. Recorded at Ian's studio in Berkshire and Dave Laing's
studio in Liverpool, it will be available from this site. Featured tracks include:
'Shades of Susan' and 'Sink or swim'.

All the albums will be on sale from this site.


Ian M Lindsay
The following examples are studio recordings of some if Ian's original songs:

Modern Moods
The following examples are completely live solo recordings from Ian's Modern Moods set:


Shades of Susan

Sink or Swim